Slovenian Presidency organises the CAF National Correspondents meeting


The Slovenian Presidency has organised an online CAF National Correspondents Meeting on 3 November 2021. The agenda of the meeting foresees presentation of the results of several studies:

  • Impact of the use of CAF on Human Resource Management and People;
  • CAF Challenges to Promote Public Sector Capacity;
  • Ageing and Talent Management in the Public Sector.

Moreover, participants will discuss the revision of CAF Education (2013) towards CAF Education 2020. Gracia Vara Arribas, Head of the European CAF Resource Centre at EIPA, will present insights into the European CAF Network and its success factors.

Lastly, a new project ‘Strengthening the resilience of Public Administration after the Covid-19 crisis with CAF’ will be presented to the members of the CAF meeting. As part of the project the OECD, with the assistance of the European CAF Resource Centre at EIPA, will survey public sector organisations in all EU Member States who have used CAF within the last ten years. The survey of recent CAF users will focus on their experience of the Covid crisis and how CAF contributed to organisational readiness and resilience. The aim is to identify key trends in the use of CAF and its impact.

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