Recent Trends in the Case Law of the Court of Justice of the EU 2022 marks EIPA Luxembourg’s 30th Anniversary!


The 30th Anniversary of EIPA Luxembourg is a good occasion to take a step back and see the evolution of the Court of Justice in the past 30 years.

– Vice-president of the Court of Justice of the European Union, Lars Bay Larsen.


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The 2022 edition of the Recent Trends in the Case Law of the Court of Justice of the EU marks the 30th anniversary of the creation of EIPA Luxembourg and celebrates its contribution to the dissemination, understanding and application of EU law among legal professionals.

At the event, EIPA Luxembourg’s long-standing experience and methodology ensured that the discussed topics related to EU Law were thoroughly discussed and explained, presenting a refined and practical-oriented understanding of the EU Law.

We are grateful for the inspiring presentations by the different EU Law experts and keynote speakers, such as Jean-Louis Thill (Director for European Affairs and International Economic Relations at the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of Luxembourg), Alina Tryfonidou (Professor of European Law at the Neapolis University Pafos, Cyprus),  Sara Iglesias Sanchez (Professor of EU Law and Administrative Law at Universidad Complutense de Madrid) and Matthieu Chavrier (Senior Legal Advisor at the Council of the European Union), and are looking forward to discussing the interpretations of the key judicial decisions issued by the Court of Justice of the European Union in 2023!



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