Public Sector Benchmarking Study Out Now: Where do we go from here?


On 2 and 3 February EIPA hosted the Online Conference: International Benchmarking Study: Public Sector Performance 2022 Edition to celebrate the launch of the first part of the International Benchmarking Study in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations of the Netherlands.

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The conference aimed to benchmark the performance of public sector organisations from around the world and discussed the latest trends and best practices in enhancing the performance of public sector organisations.

Marco Ongaro, Director-General at EIPA kicked off the online conference together with Frans Van Dongen, Programme Manager of Public Performance at the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations of the Netherlands and Iwona Karwot, project leader at EIPA.


To trust a public institution, public sectors should have the competence to respond to and deliver citizens’ expectations.


The most recent advancements and performance analyses across the policy areas of Public AdministrationSocial SafetyEducation and Housing were discussed by renowned experts from organisations such as the OECD, the European Research Centre for Anticorruption and State-Building (ERCAS), and various universities including TU Delft, Tilburg University, University of Lausanne and University College London. They shared their perspectives on the current state of public sector performance and provided valuable insights on how to improve it.

Our own EIPA team shared their main findings within the area of Public Administration:

  • Communication and accessibility of information play important roles in increasing trust in government.
  • Reliability and feelings of political voice are significantly related to trust in national governments.


On the area of Education, Estonia, Ireland and Portugal lead the way with innovative best practices and impressive performance results.

Housing outcomes and the impact of government policies can be a complex issue to assess.

  • Research shows little direct correlation between inputs such as spending on housing and community infrastructure and outcomes such as housing quality, availability, and affordability.
  • There might be a link between equal income distribution and better housing quality.
  • Factors such as land use restrictions and mortgage interest deduction schemes also play a role in determining housing affordability.


On the topic of Social Safetyexperts concluded:

  • Countries like Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden scored consistently high in surveys of citizens’ perceptions of safety and confidence in law enforcement.
  • There is an urgent need for better data collection on the growing threat of cybercrime and economic crime.


Panel discussions were enriched by questions and remarks from the audience. The discussions at the conference will provide valuable input for the development of the Public Sector Performance Programme 2022-2025.

EIPA’s efforts to bring together international experts to discuss public sector performance demonstrates its commitment to improving governance and administration in the public sector. The Institute’s work in this area will continue to play a crucial role in promoting best practices and driving positive change in the public sector.

You can read more about the Public Sector Performance Programme 2022 – 2025 Benchmarking Study through the button below and access the 2022 sub-study:


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