Master of European Legal Studies (MELS) Rentree 2023: Where Networking Meets Knowledge Sharing


EIPA recently welcomed alumni and current students of the Master of European Legal Studies (MELS Online) programme to its centre in Luxembourg. On 29 September the MELS rentree offered ample opportunity for networking and knowledge sharing.

The MELS Rentree was held at the European Centre for Judges and Lawyers, where attendees were warmly welcomed by the Director of EIPA Luxembourg, Claudio Matera, and the Director of the MELS programme, Catherine Warin. Alumni of the MELS programme shared the experiences and prospects that followed after completing the Master’s programme and how it befitted them in their future careers.

We were pleased to welcome a representative from the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of Luxembourg during the event. The Ministry is a sponsor of the MELS, providing annual scholarships to students from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine and Moldova.

The second part of the event included a presentation and discussion of a recent high-profile case from the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). The discussion on C-632/20 P, Spain v Commission, which was a case study from earlier this year, navigates the status of Kosovo under EU law and the impact of the CJEU’s judgment on EU-Kosovo relations.

The event left attendees inspired and equipped with a deeper understanding of EU Law and the MELS programme’s offerings. The MELS Rentree at EIPA Luxembourg, the European Centre for Judges and Lawyers, was a resounding success, fostering knowledge sharing and strengthening the EU Law community.

MELS rentree presentation Catherine Warin and Claudio Matera  MELS rentree presentation Carlos


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