Upcoming conference: Managing a Diverse Workforce Successfully Inside Public Administration


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Date: 13 – 17 September 2021
Location: Zoom
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In Diversity United!
Three words that are extremely important for life and work in the EU. For business and administration, the diverse and different skills of employees are an important basis for meeting the needs of customers and citizens in a way that fulfils service expectations, and for demonstrating positive performance. Public administration must also present itself as an attractive employer to attract and retain new, qualified employees – and thus talent – with diverse and varied skills.

Challenges of modern HR work
Yet, the consequences of demographic and social change, digitisation, globalisation, European integration, increased requirements on environmental protection, and New Work – as well as increasing diversity in the population and the workforce – pose challenges for innovative and modern HR work. The complexity of these topics is constantly expanding, thus demanding proactive responses and virtually simultaneous action.

EIPA’s upcoming conference
During our five-day free online conference to happen between 13 and 17 September 2021 key experts in the fields of public administration management, HR and diversity and high-level speakers from the European Commission and German Ministry of Foreign Affairs will discuss the future of diverse workforce in public administration.
Traditional administration and care of personnel, HR management has an active role to play in supporting the (digital) transformation with appropriate tools and programmes, and in advising and supporting managers and employees. Successful diversity management will therefore also depend on the extent to which recruitment, qualification, HR development and management development are strategically and conceptually linked. This should drastically increase the organisational performance.
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