EUPAN DG Meeting Madrid: Forging a future-ready European public sector


On 27 and 28 November, the Spanish Presidency of EUPAN presented a unique chance to collaborate with fellow member states in championing the principles outlined in the Strasbourg Declaration, which focuses on the shared values and challenges of European public administrations. Adopted in 2022, this declaration paves the way for a future in which the European public sector thrives.

The EUPAN DG Meeting held in Madrid placed the theme ‘Public Administration for the Next Generation‘ at its heart. The chosen theme underscores the immense potential presented by the investments within the Next Generation EU recovery and resilience plan.


These investments offer an unprecedented opportunity to lay the groundwork for European public administrations that will take a leading role in both the ecological and digital transformations of our time.

Gracia Vara Arribas, Head of the European CAF Resource Centre


The Regional School of Public Administration for the Western Balkans, RESPA, was invited as an observer to the Madrid DG meeting and was represented by its director, Maja Handjiska Trendafilova, for the first time.

Key topics

The meeting covered a wide range of significant topics, among which, gender equality in public administrations was a key theme, underscoring the importance of inclusivity and diversity. The event also featured:

  • A presentation of survey results by the Spanish Presidency: showcasing innovative practices in inclusive digital public services
  • Discussions on “National Traditions and Common Frameworks in Public Administration”, highlighting the need for unity in diversity
  • The significance of CAF (Common Assessment Framework), presented by Gracia Vara Arribas, emphasises its role in supporting the implementation of the Commission Initiative ComPAct and constructing the European Administrative Space while promoting cooperation and collaboration
  • Exploration of public sector expertise in international technical and regional cooperation, shedding light on its vital role, along with discussions on PACE initiatives
  • Conversations on reinforcing the EUPAN network and its coordination mechanisms

A presentation by Marco Ongaro, the Director-General of EIPA, provided an opportunity to gather support from the Institute. Open discussions allowed for a free exchange of ideas and a briefing from the Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for Central Government Administrations was also provided. Finally, updates from the Belgian and Hungarian Presidencies concluded the event.


EUPAN group photography november 2023


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