Enhancing Public Sector Performance: Benchmarking Study 2023 Results and Key Takeaways




On 8 and 9 February, EIPA hosted an Online Conference to celebrate the launch of the 2023 edition of the International Benchmarking Study conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations of the Netherlands. This year’s edition is part of the ongoing 2022 – 2025 study commissioned by the Ministry, and almost 300 people from all over Europe registered to join the event.

Contributions from EIPA’s Network

The conference aimed to benchmark the performance of public sector organisations from around the world and discussed the latest trends and best practices in enhancing the performance of public sector organisations. Marco Ongaro, Director-General at EIPA, kicked off the online conference together with Frans Van Dongen, Programme Manager of Public Performance at the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations of the Netherlands, and Iwona Karwot, project leader at EIPA.

Renowned experts from organisations such as the European Investment Bank (EIB), the World Economy Society (WES), the EESCA School of Management, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), the European University Institute (EUI), and various universities including Radbound University, Open Universiteit, Stockholm University and University of Cantabria shared their perspectives on the current state of public sector performance and provided valuable insights into strategies for enhancement in three critical policy areas.

The 2023 policy areas:

  • Environmental Protection and Climate Change
  • Economy, Infrastructure and Science, Technology and Innovation
  • Social Security, Employment, Income, and Wealth

Our own EIPA team presented the interactive dashboard, an innovative tool designed to delve into the study data and facilitate comparisons of public administration performance across 35 countries.

The 10 Key Takeaways

Below is a summary of the ten key takeaways and practical recommendations.

On the Importance of Benchmarking
  • In our pursuit of elevating public sector performance, benchmarking assumes a central and indispensable role. It empowers us to uncover effective strategies and best practices and to illuminate the pathways to their successful implementation.
On Environmental Protection and Climate Change
  • Clear communication, regulatory clarity, and robust public sector support are vital prerequisites for the effective implementation of environmental policies.
  • It is crucial to emphasise affordable sustainable options when shaping public opinion on climate change and environmental policies.
  • Environmental initiatives should be reframed to highlight their benefits rather than focusing solely on costs, and policies should balance short-term costs with long-term benefits.
On Economy, Infrastructure and Science, Technology and Innovation
  • The European Investment Bank (EIB) plays a crucial role across various sectors, including infrastructure, technology, and science. To maximise the impact of its investments, the EIB should leverage available funds and align with EU policy objectives.
  • Prioritising investments in sectors crucial for the green and digital transition is imperative for sustainable economic growth.
  • There is a need to enhance policies aimed at attracting capital and supporting small firms to foster economic development.
On Social Security, Employment, Income and Wealth:
  • Early childhood education and care are decisive for maintaining parental employment continuity, particularly for working mothers, while also nurturing children’s cognitive and social development.
  • Investing in high-quality education systems is imperative as they correlate with enhanced employment rates and reduced poverty among young adults. Thus, there is a need to increase investments in education.
  • Inclusive social security measures are essential for poverty mitigation.

EIPA’s efforts to bring together international experts to discuss public sector performance demonstrates its commitment to improving governance and administration in the public sector. The Institute’s work in this area will continue to play a crucial role in promoting best practices and driving positive change in the public sector.

You can access the 2023 study below:

Full Study

Upcoming Launch of the Social Safety Dashboard

The chapter on social safety evaluates the performance of public services and it provides an overview of crime-related challenges, emphasising crime prevention and criminal justice strategies.

Join our experts on 14 March from 14.00 to 15.00 CET as they will present the key findings and the interactive dashboard! Registrations are open.