EIPA Welcomes Romania: Enhancing EU-wide Public Administration Training


The European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) welcomes Romania as a new Member, starting on 1 July. The membership was formalised on the occasion of EIPA’s Board meeting held last week at EIPA’s Centre for Judges and Lawyers in Luxembourg.

Ioana-Roxana Melenciuc-Ioan, President of the Institutul Național de Administrație (NIA) and State Secretary, expressed her enthusiasm: “NIA is now an official member of the EIPA Board and, through this affiliation, will work even more closely with European institutions and other institutes in the field of training and research at the EU level. The added value in the training field is also brought through enhanced participation and close cooperation. This week, Romania, through NIA, took another step forward on its European path.”

Romania’s membership expands EIPA’s network to encompass nearly all EU Member States, reinforcing its commitment to fostering a robust pan-European alliance. Integrating Romania into the EIPA Board marks a significant milestone in advancing cross-border cooperation and knowledge sharing among EU countries.

Marco Ongaro, EIPA Director-General, remarked, “We aim to have all EU Member States represented at EIPA. Romania’s membership strengthens our pan-European network and allows us to grow our impact on public administrations across the continent. Enhancing cooperation with both current and aspiring EU members and between them means an increasing number of public officials can learn and develop with our services for the joined benefits of Europe and all its members.

EIPA’s European Board of Governors comprises senior public officials responsible for public administration and civil service training across Europe and associated countries, ensuring the Institute remains at the forefront of addressing current and upcoming governance needs. This European governance structure reaffirms EIPA’s dedication to a united Europe and underscores its role in driving innovation and collaboration in public sector leadership.

With Romania joining its network, EIPA advances its mission to promote excellence in public administration, fostering continuous improvement and cooperation across Europe. This new membership signals a significant stride towards a more integrated and effective public sector across the EU.

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