EIPA’s innovation plans of 2018 are all about you


The only thing constant in the world is change – Heraclitus.

And it has never been as apparent as in today’s global world. With the internet boom and the advent of digitalisation, distances are shrinking, people are connecting faster, and expectations are rising. Before we can adapt to one technology, a newer, better, faster one takes its place.

2018 is bringing with it even more changes. And not only can we not be left behind, but as always, we are committed to constantly finding new ways to serve you in the best ways possible.

In 2017, we prepared Bulgaria for the Presidency of the Council of the EU, became a successful bidder to assist the Structural Reform Support Service (SRSS) of the European Commission and the EU member states in the design and implementation of structural reforms, and implemented more than 650 courses and contract activities, including certification programmes for the crucial topic of Data Protection.

So what are we going to do in 2018? And how would that impact you?

Our core mission is to serve public officials like you, and so our innovation strategy is also shaped completely around that.

In fact, our plans will have particular significance for you, simply because they are designed to make your learning experiences with us better and easier.

While we have been delivering high-quality, valuable trainings for decades, we also realised that there was room to further upgrade our processes to make your engagement with us more user-friendly, more efficient, more convenient, and of course, more beneficial.

And this leads us to leveraging digital technology to making some big changes in 2018!


1.  A brand new website

We have just launched a cleaner, simpler, and easier-to-navigate website. This will help you to:

If you have any questions about the use of the website, or about registering for courses, etc, please read our FAQ page or write to us at info@eipa.eu. We would also love to hear your feedback and comments!


2.  An online blog with the latest insights

We are a centre of expertise that provides you the complete skill set to fully understand and effectively manage EU policies.

And we aspire to do this in multiple ways. For starters, we will post fresh, valuable information, across all topics of public administration, in the ‘News’ section of our website. We will also send this information to you at regular intervals, and also understand from you the topics that interest you most.

You can also choose to stay updated on the topic you want through our newsletter.


3.  EU Forum on digitalisation

In 2016, we organised an European Forum that gathered key policy makers and practitioners in Europe, along with some members of our Board of Governors, the European Commission, national governments, and the Province of Limburg and City of Maastricht,  to discuss new ways of ensuring that the EU’s ambitious objectives are implemented successfully. The key topics were the quality and effectiveness of public administrations in Europe, and how to improve policy implementation.

The event was a huge success, and, continuing that journey, and also staying true to our focus on innovation, we will have a second event at the end of this year, on the topic of using digitalisation to improve EU public administration. Stay updated to know more!


4.  Online courses

One initiative that has been on our agenda for a long time is the launch of online courses. Not just a top-down instructional approach like most other online courses out there, but courses that are interactive, with speakers from diverse locations and fields of expertise. The course format would be similar to our regular courses, but through online platforms.

So you can get valuable learning in one click, without leaving your desk and your home or office.

And finally, in 2018, we plan to kick off these online course modules. We will start with a few pilot topics, and then extend to a more diverse range. Once we are ready to launch these courses, we will inform you of them through our newsletter, so stay tuned.

Stay updated on the launch of EIPA online courses.


5.  Local country visits to meet your needs

It is important for us to understand your needs much more in detail, and then develop programmes and solutions to meet those specific needs.

So from 2018, we will start doing roadshows and events in Member States, to get closer to you. To listen to your requirements, and understand the challenges in your public administration.

While we believe firmly in face-to-face interaction, we will also have solutions to talk to you through digital mediums, e.g. Skype.

If you would like us to visit your country and interact with you, please write to us at info@eipa.eu.


But old is still gold

While a lot of new changes are happening, we are dedicated to staying true to the value we provide you through our courses, so all your favourite courses will still be available in 2018.

Some of the upcoming ones you may like: