Preliminary results of the EIPA and OECD survey on the impact of Covid-19 pandemic across public administrations EU wide


The pandemic has been a true ‘stress test’ for public administrations. It has challenged like never before the capacity of governments and public sector organisations to deliver on their goals. Unfortunately the crisis remains ongoing, and public administrations are beginning to reflect on lessons learned and how to improve their responses to future shocks.

About the study

The OECD, 11 Member States* and the European Commission embarked on a joint research project to learn how the public sector has coped with the crisis, and to further reflect on the principles of resilience to best prepare it for the future. The project has the long-term ambition to enable a more resilient public administration in the EU. By examining the use of a Total Quality Management Tool (CAF) during the pandemic, the research examined three directions:

  • backwards, to generate and share lessons about public sector organisations during the crisis in a structured way;
  • forwards, to identify the changes needed to ensure better resilience to future shocks;
  • a look into quality, by analysing how the self-assessment methodology of CAF (Common Assessment Framework) – the quality tool for the public sector – has helped organisations during the crisis.

To understand how the public organisations experienced the pandemic and how CAF contributed to their organisational readiness and resilience, the research has been conducted in different phases. Thanks to a combination of an online survey, case studies, (deep dive) workshops and analysis, it will develop different perspectives. It will analyse what went on in public service organisations during the crisis, and how it may have affected their resilience in the face of Covid-19 and steered them to a more resilient future.

Preliminary results

The preliminary results of the survey show the popularity and usefulness of the CAF model during the crisis, which has impacted all dimensions – in particular, processes and people. The organisations’ long-term priorities have shifted compared to pre-pandemic times and people management and digitalisation have emerged as a clear focus area during the pandemic.
Read further results in our blog below.

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Workshop: The Common Assessment Framework (CAF): the quality tool for national, regional and local public services

To know more about the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) we invite you to join an introductory workshop, which aims to explain the steps needed to implement CAF2020 in public administrations to improve the performance of their services. All public administration officials, working in local, regional or national institutions are welcome to attend.

About the workshop


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