Addressing EU Housing Challenges: First European Housing Policy Network Meeting


On 19 June representatives from 16 European countries launched the
European Housing Policy Network logo dark blue on white background European Housing Policy Network (EHPN) in Rotterdam. This initiative, spearheaded and funded by the Dutch Ministry of Interior, and supported by the European Institute of Public Administration, aims to address various housing challenges across the continent.

Kick-off in Rotterdam

Participants gained a first introduction to the initiative. The first EHPN Network Meeting aimed to identify shared challenges, creative solutions, and lessons learned from relevant housing policy topics. Participants were asked to share key housing policy issues in their respective countries and gained insight into each other’s current policy developments as well as best practices related to their housing policy.

Despite their big differences in structures, legislation and housing policy traditions, the participants identified numerous joint challenges and opportunities to cooperate and share lessons learned, especially with regard to the opportunities and limitations of governments to promote investments, construction and accessibility for all.

EIPA shares best housing practices from Benchmarking Study

During the second day of the event, a presentation was given by senior EIPA expert Iwona Karwot and housing market and housing finance researcher Kees Dol, both authors of the International Public Sector Performance Programme Benchmarking Study EIPA undertakes, about the analysis, evaluation and comparison of the performance of public services and efficiency in 35 countries across housing policy.

The first meeting took a closer look at European housing policy to set the network’s priorities for the 2024 – 2027 period.

The European Housing Policy Network

The European Housing Policy Network (EHPN) was founded to address the complex housing issues that cut across national boundaries in the EU. Through its Directorate-General for Housing and Construction, the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations led the establishment of the EHPN, with the support of the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA), to promote cross-border cooperation, networking, and the sharing of experiences among EU Member States.


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The EHPN serves as a collaborative hub for EU Member States’ policymakers, fostering cross-border dialogue and knowledge sharing. By uniting policymakers and experts, the EHPN seeks to empower Member States to champion housing justice and ensure access to safe, affordable, and sustainable housing for all citizens.

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