DEEP DIVE WORKSHOP: ‘People-centred Organisations for Resilience’ and ‘Preliminary Project Findings on Resilience and Implications for the CAF’ – Vienna, 8–9 November

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The OECD, the European Commission (DG REFORM), and 11 EU Member States (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain) together with the KDZ – Centre for Public Administration Research and the European CAF Resource Centre, reflected on the current findings of the joint project ‘Strengthening the Resilience on Public Administrations after the Covid-19 Crisis with CAF 2020’. The aim is to learn from the Covid pandemic with a view to strengthening the resilience of public sector organisation in EU Member States. After a wide survey conducted among the CAF users, the most striking trends and challenges related to the management of the pandemic were identified and the preparedness for overcoming those in correlation with the CAF 2020 implementation by the organisations was confirmed.

The first deep dive workshop (‘Preparing and Driving Public Sector Organisations for Crises’) was held in Brussels in June 2022, and emphasised strategies and policies for preparedness as well as the capacity for adaptation and innovation. This second deep dive workshop focused on wrapping up the reflections from the project, and discussed implications for concrete recommendations on resilience and how the CAF model might better reflect these going forward.

Main topics covered during the workshop

  • leadership and leadership communications;
  • surge capacity and flexibility of human resources, including recruitment and onboarding;
  • knowledge management, learning, and new ways of working and collaborating;
  • employee engagement and well-being;
  • serving society: staying connected and delivering value;
  • towards recommendations on resilience for public administrations;
  • embedding resilience in performance and quality frameworks for the public sector – implications for the CAF;
  • agile management, remote working, employee inclusion, citizens’ feedback and leadership challenges embarked and embedded in the CAF.

The workshop was organised by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport and the Austrian National CAF Centre. It provided a great platform for the 11 countries and their CAF representatives to discuss the CAF implications on the increasingly changing environment in the public administration. The discussion was enriched by highly valuable inputs from OECD and DG Reform, providing first insights into the preliminary findings and recommendations.

The presentation of the final results of the project is planned for 25–26 April 2023 at the European CAF Resource Centre at EIPA, in Maastricht, during the CAF National Correspondents meeting under the Swedish presidency.

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