Nineta Polemi

Nineta Polemi

University of Piraeus and Trustilio BV

Professional experience

Nineta Polemi is a cybersecurity Professor in the University of Piraeus-UNIPI- (Cyber Security Lab, Dept. of Informatics) and CTO/ Co-Founder of trustilio. She established and acted as director of the UNIPI cybersecurity lab. She served (2017-2020) as Programme Manager and Policy Officer in the European Commission DG (CONNECT H1 Unit entitled ’Cybersecurity Technologies and Capabilities’). She acted (2021-2022) as expert and rapporteur in the ENISA AHWG that developed the European Cybersecurity Skills Framework  (ECSF) that will help EU to bridge the cybersecurity education and market needs. Her cybersecurity expertise is on: operational risk/conformity assessment, security management, incident management, supply chain security, threat intelligence.

She has obtained her Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics (Coding Theory) from The City University of New York (Graduate Center). Her scientific interests are in cybersecurity. She held teaching and research positions in The City University of New York (Queens & Baruch Colleges), State University of New York (Farmingdale), Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)) – Solvay Brussels School –.

She has over 150 publications in security has organised numerous scientific and policy international cybersecurity scientific events and trainings e.g. cyberhot. She has received many research grants (NATO, IEEE) and awards (NSA, MSI Army Research Office IEEE, CYNY, Hellenic Ministry of Maritime, Hellenic National Defense General) and has participated as Project and Technical Manager in more than 60 cybersecurity international, EU and national R&D and commercial projects. She serves as external expert/reviewer/consultant in  ENISA, E.C. (EEAS/ESDC, DGCNECT, DGMARE, DGHOME ), FORTH, Focal Point, CodeWeTrust.

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