Nicolas Espalier


Nicolas Espitalier

B.Link - Barcelona Strategic Projects

Professional experience

Partner and Project Manager at B.Link – Barcelona Strategic Projects.

From 2004 to 2011, Nicolas managed EU-funded projects for regional governments, universities and research centres. In 2011, Nicolas decided to make the change from being a project leader in the field to managing a EU-funded programme within the framework of the European Territorial Cooperation, specifically for Mediterranean regions (Interreg MED): as a Project Officer and representative for Innovation, Nicolas was in charge of drafting the calls for proposals (Terms of Reference), evaluation, monitoring and capitalisation of innovation-related projects. Since 2015, he has returned to the field, managing and leading large-scale innovation projects and providing Lead Partners with strategic advice. Nicolas is therefore experienced in managing and coordinating complex projects, mainly with regard to innovation or governance. Nicolas also has a deep knowledge of administrative and financial issues from the perspective of a Managing Authority (for an EU programme).

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