Neus Colet i Arian


Neus Colet i Arean


Professional experience

Licensed in Law at the University of Barcelona (1990). Member of the Corps of the Lawyers of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Government of Catalonia).

Master’s degree in Tax and Financial Law at the University of Barcelona (1994); Master’s degree in Catalan Law at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (1995); Executive Master in Public Administration at ESADE Barcelona (2004); and Diploma in Managerial Function in Local Administrations at ESADE (2003).

I have been the Head of the Technical Secretary of the Advisory Board for Administrative Contracts of the Government of Catalonia (Generalitat de Catalunya) from July 2005 to May 2017. In addition to the inherent consultative and registry functions of this government body, I was in charge of the functional direction and execution of the electronic contracting projects of the Government.

Since July 2017, I have been the President of the Catalan Court of Contracts of the Public Sector. The latter is an independent administrative agency which aims to solve claims in the field of public procurement in Catalonia, in accordance with the contracting regulations and with the Community Directives.

Along my main professional activities, I collaborate as a professor in the Partners Programme of ESADE and in the Public Administration School of Catalonia. I also collaborate with other universities and public and private entities as an expert professor or expert in public procurement in master’s degrees, conferences, congresses, and other events (for instance, Il·lustre Col·legi d’Advocats de Barcelona, Diputació de Barcelona, Federació de Municipis de Catalunya, Associació Catalana de Municipis, International Institut for Research (IIR), Petita i Mitjana Empresa de Catalunya (PIMEC), CECOT, Foment del Treball Nacional, Diputació de Girona, Universitat Rovira i Virgili Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Gobierno de Aragón, Diputación de Zaragoza).

Additionally, some of the articles and works I have published (in Catalan and Spanish) are the following:

“The Public Procurement  Law  (LCSP), four years later”, Annual of ESADE 2011. Reflections on the public-private cooperation. Monographic on the public-private cooperation in the Health sector.

“The new Public Procurement Law  from the perspective of the public management”, in collaboration with Xavier Padrós, for the digital journal PUBLIC of ESADE.

“The role of Bidders’ Registries in the current scenario of electronic procurement (e-procurement) “, BOLETIC September-October 2007 (Quarterly bulletin of the Professional Association of the Superior Body of Systems and Information Technologies of the State Administration).

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