Natalia Ballestero


Natalia Ballestero

DG Legal Services, European Central Bank

Professional experience

As Directorate General Legal Services of the Knowledge Management Team, Natalia has a lot of practical experience in KM. Before she was a Knowledge Management Intern at the Micro Insurance Academy e.V., undertaking background research on Knowledge Management, developing a concept for the organization’s KM approach and writing up a user’s manual. Through training activities and workshops prepared by her, the organization could successfully hold their performance and even exceed it. Before that, she did a traineeship at the European Commission’s internal OLAF knowledge centre. There she assisted with legal advice on European criminal and procedural law to fight against fraud and transnational crime.

With several Bachelors in Business Administration and Law and a Master in Law and European Management, Natalia has a solid foundation for working in Knowledge Management. Together with her later internship, traineeship and job as Directorate General, she is more than able to give you a profound perspective on how to organize knowledge in your organization.

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