Luc T'Joen

Luc T’Joen

European Court of Auditors

Professional experience

Lucy T’Joen (BE) is Senior Administrator, Investments for Cohesion, Growth and Inclusion, European Court of Auditors. After ten years dealing with economic customs policy legislation and controls in the Belgian Ministry of Finances and 20 years in the European Commission dealing with legislation, revenue controls, investigations and financial audits in the Directorates-General Taxation and Customs Union, Budget and Eurostat, Luc joined the European Court of Auditors in 2008, leading teams dealing with performance audits in the fields of structural funds, transport, research and energy.

Next to many successful performance audit reports, such as the ones on seaports (Special report N° 4/2012), airports (Special Report N° 21/2014), maritime transport (Special report N° 23/2016) and high speed rail (Special report N° 19/2018), Luc is also a much solicited transport expert on international conferences. He likes to share his expertise and experience to spread both the theoretical and practical knowledge to adequately measuring results through training on performance auditing techniques and methodologies.

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