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Klára Horzinková

Ministry of Regional Development

Professional experience

Ing. Klára Horzinková (Ph.D.) is a new employee at the Ministry of Regional Development, where she has been serving as the department’s head of strategies and analyses for regional policy and housing policy since last year. 

In 1999, she graduated from the University of Economics in Prague, majoring in Regional Studies and Public Administration. After graduating from university, she worked for several years abroad, where she was involved in international trade and global marketing. After returning to the Czech Republic, she worked for Deloitte as a consultant and for other domestic and foreign institutions and companies, where she gained professional experience, which included, but was not limited to public administration. 

 So far, she has published several professional articles focused on administrative law and management in public administration. 

In 2013, she completed postgraduate studies in the field of Security and Legal Studies and received the academic-scientific Ph.D. She collaborates and lectures for public administration workers in the field of management, where her strong domain is connecting theory with practice. 

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