Johannes Rossbacher


Johannes Rossbacher

Austrian Conference on Spatial Planning

Professional experience

Director, Austrian Conference on Spatial Planning, Managing Authority of IGJ/ERDF Austria 2014-20, in charge of Partnership Agreement. National Contact Point for Transnational INTERREG Programs; Co-ordination of Austrian Program Authorities of INTERREG CBC programs

Johannes has been working in the area of regional policy for 25 years now: Starting at the local level with village renewal, switching first to the regional level as manager of a LEADER-status region and afterwards to the national level as head of an institution (ÖROK), which is coordinating the different administrative layers in Austria (federal – states (“Länder”) – cities & municipalities) as well as the social partners in the field of Regional Policy and Spatial Planning.

He also is quite experienced on the European level where he worked as END in the European Commission on the one hand, and – on the other hand – he has played a leading role in the negotiations on the Structural Funds regulations for the EU financial periods since 2000 from in the Austrian negotiating team.

In addition he chaired three times the Council working group in charge of Cohesion Policy in Brussels during the Austrian Presidencies of the Council in 1998, 2005 and 2018.

Johannes holds a Master degree in Cultural Anthropology / European Ethnology.

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