Jens Meyer

Adjunct Professor and adviser concentrating on matters such as Business Intelligence, Blue Ocean Strategy, Fair Process and Change

Prof. Jens Meyer is a teacher and adviser concentrating on matters such as business intelligence, blue-ocean strategy, fair process and change. Following his early experiences in banking and law which familiarised him with the economic dynamics in the marketplace, Jens found a home in management education. The world of business schools allowed him to nurture his curiosity and desire to explore novel horizons. One of the first steps was the co-creation of a research centre dedicated to digital and internet-mediated and enabled learning in 1995 (CALT – Centre for Advanced Learning Technologies). Many ventures followed. Jens has incubated and led a whole series of start-ups, has served as the MD and Dean of CEDEP (a private community of international corporations), has been on the INSEAD faculty list for most of the last 20 years and accepted other board roles across various domains.