Jef Staes

Jef Staes

Red Monkey Company

Professional experience

Innovation Expert, Founder of the Red Monkey Company, Belgium

Jef Staes is a thought leader on learning processes and innovative organisations. He has professional experience as a telecommunication expert, software developer, training manager, and corporate learning officer. He is also an internationally renowned keynote expert, guest lecturer, author, and three-time TEDx expert. His stories and books are guaranteed eye-openers and his thoughts on the future of business and education have inspired many.

An innovation expert and architect, Jef Staes has developed a new mindset for CEOs, managers, and employees. With his ‘Engine of Innovation Mindset’, he offers organisations the answers to truly start innovating through radically changing their culture. He is the founder of the Red Monkey Company, an organization that challenges CEOs and managers to take a renewed perspective on the role of organizational culture in innovation and change. Jef Staes is also the author of several books, including the bestselling My Organisation is a Jungle (2008), which answers some of the difficult questions that managers and executives are faced with on a daily basis.

The world is changing faster and faster. The need for sustainable and disruptive innovation has never been higher. Schools, organizations, companies and regions all have to adapt to this new world and need to increase their power to learn and innovate dramatically. Today’s schools and companies, however, are not able to create the right learning and working environment that enables and energizes disruptive innovation by using passion for talents. Jef Staes’ presentations focus on the challenges and the solutions that enable organizations to make the switch to this new environment. He has the ability to discuss the fundamental challenges for organizations and education worldwide with a great sense of humor and drama. An exceptionally talented storyteller and expert, he keeps his audiences spellbound from start to finish.

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