Iwona Karwot

EU Structural and Cohesion Funds

European Regional Development Fund (ERDF); regional development; institutional building; pre-accession funds

Professional experience

Iwona Karwot is a Senior Lecturer at EIPA, specialising in structural and cohesion funds programming, implementation and audit. She develops and runs seminars on CBA and audit in close cooperation with European Court of Auditors and the EU Commission.

Before joining EIPA in 2008, she had been involved in the preparation process for structural funds and the EU Cohesion Fund in Poland at central and regional levels, as well as in its implementation in the post-accession period, as a manager and trainer within the framework of five institutional building projects. She also worked in Poland and abroad as a national and EU expert on EU regional policy, including two years’ work for the GFA Consulting Group GmbH in Hamburg. At GFA she planned and led short-term missions and workshops for the Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia departments on regional development and strategic planning.

Iwona worked as an Associate Senior Lecturer of Postgraduate Studies in European Union Funds at the University of Łódź and the Catholic University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, as a lecturer for the Academy of Human and Economic Science in Zamość and the Centre for European Studies in Strasbourg. She holds an MA in Political Science and European Institutions, and a PhD in Regional Policy and International Relations.

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