Iain Jenkins


Professional experience

Dr Iain Jenkins is a professional economist with over 35 year’s academic and consultancy experience. He started off in academia, completing his PhD thesis in regional econometric modelling in 1986 while a member of the academic staff of The Fraser of Allander Institute at Strathclyde University. His academic interests included general equilibrium modelling of regional economies, labour market modelling and the application of the encompassing approach to econometric modelling.

He left academia in 1988 to join Pieda plc, a specialist economic development and planning consultancy in Edinburgh where he worked extensively across Europe on project development and impact assessment work. Subsequently he joined Deloitte Haskins and Sells where he spent three years in management consultancy, generally working on change management projects within major corporations. In 1993 he established EKOS Limited, which has subsequently grown to be one of the leading independent consultancies in the UK. In his time at EKOS, Iain has specialised in strategy and project development and in the development and application of tools and techniques for appraisal, monitoring and evaluation.  While he has conducted numerous project evaluations across all thematic areas, he has developed specific interest in the evaluation of business growth and innovation mechanisms.  In an EU context, he has led or facilitated  the development of regional programmes, and been responsible for many ex ante, ongoing/mid-term, final and thematic evaluations using both theory based and counterfactual approaches.

Iain is an experienced trainer and regularly delivers courses, seminars and workshops in the thematic areas of appraisal, monitoring and evaluation. He has also been responsible for the production of accompanying guidance for the European Commission, UK and Scottish Governments and various regional economic development authorities.

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