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Elnur Mammadli

Innovation and Digital Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Professional experience

Elnur Mammadli, a leader in transformative governance, seamlessly blends technical expertise with strategic vision. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a Master’s degree in Knowledge Management, reflecting a strong academic foundation in addition to his extensive professional experience.

His career mirrors a dedication to digital innovation and continuous improvement across corporate and public sectors, establishing him as a visionary catalyst for progress.

Currently serving as the Director of the Digital Government Project & Product Management Department at the Innovation and Digital Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Elnur leads a dynamic team in implementing strategic government projects using agile approaches. Notable initiatives include ‘Paperless Government,’ where innovative tools support effective decision-making, and ‘Digital Skills for the Future,’ showcasing his commitment to advancing the workforce in the digital age.

In the corporate arena, Elnur drove the Agile Transformation of Pasha Insurance OJSC, one of the biggest insurance companies in Azerbaijan. Notable achievements include advancing efficiency in Agile Ways of Working and fostering digital product development. He also led Quality and Risk Management within the Agile Transformation CoE, implementing a framework and a systematic approach to assess the business value of product increments and releases through Value/Cost analysis, aimed at increasing ROI.

During his tenure at the Caspian Innovation Center and SOCAR, Elnur excelled in HR Digital Transformation initiatives, demonstrating expertise in both non-SAP and SAP environments. His proficiency extended to ERP implementation, Digital Solution Architecture, and other aspects of HR Digital Transformation.

Leveraging rich experience in both corporate and public sectors, Elnur strategically employs a mix of predictive, hybrid, and adaptive approaches. Applying Agile principles to Public Administration, he ensures seamless integration of innovative practices, amplifying efficiency and impact. Elnur’s commitment to visionary leadership enhances the overall effectiveness of public administration in dynamic governance landscapes.

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