Chantal Cali

Professional French communication in the EU

Professional French communication in the EU, simulation games applied to language trainings for national and European experts, Interculturality in professional multilinguistic settings.

Professional experience

Chantal Cali, linguist and didactics expert, was for two decades responsible for the development of the French Department at the Diplomatic Academy Vienna.

As a senior lecturer, she also taught the future young Austrian diplomats French for international relations, and professional communication.

Since the first Austrian Presidency of the EU Council, she was involved with the elaboration and conducting of training programs for civil servants, at the DA and the Federal Administration Academy in Vienna, but also in many European Member States : negotiating seminars, French for formal meetings, code-switching seminars, designing documents seminars, simulation of Council Working Parties.

Expert for the international Organization of the Francophonie, she conducted many plans for instructors in training design in Europe and internationally. She was also a senior lecturer at the University of Burgundy and led many years online classes for Master  students on the topic : Interculturality and French for Special Purposes. She is now an independent expert and consultant in her field.

Chantal Cali hold a PhD in Didactology For Languages and Cultures of the University of La Sorbonne nouvelle in Paris. Specialized in Discourse Analysis, she co-authored the book : « La conférence internationale » and published many papers on the didactics of multilinguism and simulation gaming.

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