Anna Triantafillou

Head Innovation Lab, Athens Technology Center S.A.

Professional experience

With a background in Systems science and Business Administration, she currently works as a Head of the Innovation Lab, at the software company Athens Technology Center S.A. She has more than 15 years of professional experience in the domain of Information Services as a Project Coordinator / Manager of European and National R&D projects. Mrs Triantafillou has coordinated several European Consortia for building Thematic or Geography-based communities and for developing the necessary IT infrastructure to support their activities. Fields of application included transnational cooperation, public sector innovation and policy-making support. In these activities, she has worked extensively with Parliaments, News Agencies, Media Companies, Municipal Authorities, and NGOs across Europe. Mrs Triantafillou has been the Coordinator of the R&D projects: LibrarIN, ACROSS, Co-VAL, YDS, CROSSOVER, OURSPACE, eMPOWER, MOMENTUM, LEX-IS, WEB-DEP.

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