Alexander Gruenwald

Advisor, Lecturer and Evaluator

gLAB Consulting - Public Sector Partner

Professional experience

Alexander Gruenwald is an experienced consultant, lecturer and evaluator specialising in good governance, public management, innovation and multi-stakeholder participation. He spent more than seven years at the Austrian Federal Chancellery and the Ministry for the Civil Service, where he served as policy officer and deputy head of the department for performance management and innovation. In this role, he was instrumental in the further development of the Austrian public sector, pioneering projects that promoted good governance, digitalisation, knowledge management and participation. As a testament to his innovative approach, Alexander co-founded and led Austria’s first Public Sector Innovation Lab, which focused on intersectoral innovation projects.

In 2021, he embarked on a new venture, founding his consultancy gLAB – Consulting, dedicated to strengthening good governance, innovation and performance management in the public and private sectors.

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