EPSA event

Leadership and Change Management for Innovation

19 September 2024
Maastricht (NL)
9.00 - 16.00 CET

This workshop delves into the essential leadership qualities and change management strategies needed to drive innovation within an organisation. Participants will learn how to inspire and lead teams through the uncertainty of innovation projects, manage resistance to change, and create a culture that fosters creativity and adaptability.

The session will utilise case studies, interactive activities, and practical tools to equip attendees with the knowledge to effectively lead their teams towards innovative solutions.

This workshop aims to empower current and aspiring leaders with the essential strategies and skills to drive and manage change within their organisations, fostering a culture of innovation.

Interested? Apply below and join on 19 September from 9.00 to 16.00.

Travel and accommodation for the selected participants will be covered by the EPSA budget.

Objectives and Topics:

  • Understanding the dynamics of change in an organisational context
  • Leadership styles and strategies that promote innovation
  • Techniques for effective communication and engagement during change
  • Addressing resistance and fostering a culture of resilience
  •  Case studies on successful leadership and change management

EPSA 2023-24 is supported by the European Commission.