EPSA event

Innovation for Digital Transformation: Key Trends and Developments

18 April 2024
09.30 - 12.30 CET

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, innovation plays a central role in driving the digital transformation in the public sector. The adoption of cutting-edge technologies, novel solutions, and disruptive strategies has become essential for public administrations at all levels of government.

Drawing on the project applications for EPSA 2023-24, we will explore key trends and developments in public sector innovation to drive digital transformation. We will discuss the digital policy agenda and showcase practical applications and innovative solutions for current and future challenges.

Speakers will include EIPA experts, policy makers and EPSA applicants.

The webinar is open free of charge to all officials from the European public sector.

Register below and join on 18 April from 9.30 to 12.30.


Welcome and introduction
Christoph Klika, EPSA Project Manager, EIPA
Digital transformation: policies and initiatives
Michaela Sullivan-Paul, Artificial Intelligence Researcher – Data Protection, Cyber Security, and Artificial Intelligence, EIPA

Alina Brebenel, Programme Manager Interoperable Europe Academy/ SNE on Interoperability in Public Services, DG DIGIT, European Commission

11.15Evidence from EPSA 2023-24: applications and practices of digital strategies

Madrid Digital Capital Strategy

Fernando de Pablo Martín, Director General, Digital Office Madrid

Antonio Jose Garcia de la Paz, Deputy Director, Digital Office Madrid

12.30End of webinar


  • Identify key trends and emerging technologies that are reshaping the digital transformation landscape
  • Analyse the role of innovation in driving digital transformation and fostering organizational agility
  • Explore the challenges and opportunities associated with leveraging innovation for digital transformation
  • Showcase innovative strategies, case studies, and best practices that have successfully driven digital transformation in the public sector.

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