EPSA Conference

EPSA High Level Conference: Trends and future developments in European public administration

9 November 2022
- 10 November 2022
Park Plaza Hotel Victoria, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

About the event

The conference is the final closing high-level event of the EPSA 2021 project, which brings together key stakeholders of public sector innovation in Europe to take stock and to discuss trends and future developments. With this conference we aim to create a knowledge hub and facilitate experience exchange among public sector innovation practitioners. At the same time, we will be showcasing the achievements of the current EPSA edition and set the scene for EPSA 2023.

Three topics will be central to the conference:

  • Public sector innovation in Europe: state of play and outlook
  • Tools and instruments to foster innovation
  • European and national initiatives

This conference in taking place in person in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Venue: Amsterdam, Park Plaza Hotel Victoria

Programme and speakers


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Opening words


Keynote speech (online): Should we stay, or should we go? Public sector reform today and in the future

In recent years, public administrations in Europe had to learn to adapt to various crises and changing environments. The challenge of the green transition and climate neutrality, digital transformation as well as the (post-)Covid-19 pandemic provide ample opportunity for adaptation and innovation. The keynote speech aims to set the scene for the day by addressing the following questions: Where does European public administration stand today? What are the lessons learned from these challenges? And how can we continue innovating in the face of new crises due to a full-scale war on the European continent?


Cha cha cha changes! Different perspectives on public sector innovation

In view of current and future challenges, the public sector is expected to lead in the process of adaptation and reform to improve service delivery to citizens. Yet, public sector innovation is not only the responsibility of governments. Open government and co-creation require collaboration between public administration, stakeholders and civil society. In this panel, policy makers and experts will discuss what are the key trends for collaborative approaches in public administrations across Europe? How can we foster co-creation? And which capacities do public officials and citizens need to collaborate effectively?




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OECD tools to foster Public Sector Innovation

To address current and future challenges effectively, public sector organisations need approaches, methods and tools that are fit for purpose. In this session, the Observatory of Public Sector Innovation will be presenting its portfolio of approaches using the Innovation Playbook, to whose co-creation OPSI has built up a Steering Group of 12 countries. The Innovation Playbook is a user-centered, actionable and accessible instrument that helps public managers and servants to put into practice the principle of the OECD Declaration on Public Sector Innovation. For this session, innovative approaches such as behavioral insights, anticipatory innovation or portfolio management will be presented and a set of resources, including OPSI Toolkit Navigator and the Behavioural Insights Knowledge Hub, are going to be shared.






EPSA 2023: The Show will go on! 

This session will showcase the achievements of the current EPSA edition and set the scene for EPSA 2023. What have we learned from EPSA? How can EPSA help public administrations in the future?


Knockin on Member States’ door: National views and the European dimension of public sector innovation

In this session, a panel of representatives of national innovation communities will exchange views and best practices of public sector innovation. Representatives will share their country examples and discuss how we can foster mutual learning between national communities and how European-wide innovation schemes like EPSA can foster cross-border innovation.



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The winners take it all – Concluding remarks 




End of the day

EPSA Learning from innovation success cases in The Netherlands

Organised in cooperation with Haagse Beek

In a typical Dutch scenery of Zaanse Schans area, innovations of today and innovations of the past will blend in a unique learning experience for the EPSA 2021 applicants. Participants will learn about today’s innovations on digitalisation with the people directly involved in the project we will visit. Additionally, guest speakers of former EPSA Best Practices will share their story on what their innovation is about, how they have come up with the idea and which factors in their innovation friendly ecosystem contributed to the innovation’s success.

The second day of the conference is organised for EPSA 2021 applicants only. Registrations form below is open to attend the first day of the conference – 9 November 2022.

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