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Deployment of Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence

29 April 2021
15:30 CET

Background information

The development and deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies is already a reality, impacting both the public and private sectors. While AI technologies’ potential benefits can be massive for growth and development, ‘there is no such thing as a technological silver bullet’. With the creation and use of robotics and AI come risks related to their reliability and impact on fundamental rights and diversity.

One of the overarching aims of the European approach is to develop trusted AI technologies based on truly European ethical and societal values.

In anticipation of the AI framework to be issued by the European Commission this month, this panel will focus on horizontal domains of interest, namely data protection, fundamental rights, and diversity.

  • How do we address questions of discrimination, diversity, and human-centredness?
  • How can we ensure that personal data are collected and used with positive benefits by AI technologies?

We selected speakers at the forefront of data protection and human rights, with experience not only in policy but also enforcement, as well as from the private sector, to discuss these issues from the different stakeholders’/actors’ perspective.

What will the round-table cover?

  • Introduction of the Panel Topic and Tour de Table.
  • Challenges related to the risk-based approach to ensure that the regulatory intervention is proportionate.
  • Measurements and correction of biases during the training and operation of AI technologies.
  • Incompatibility between human rights and specific uses of the AI technology
  • Recommendations to mitigate risks related to the impact of artificial intelligence uptake on fundamental rights and diversity.

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