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CAF as a tool to promote resilient public administrations in the post-pandemic era

6 May 2021

Background information

The European CAF Resource centre has supported the development of the CAF network and CAF users’ practices for 20 years. It assists the different Presidencies of the EU in their works for the promotion and analysis of CAF. Proven improvements in the pubic administrations reinforce the ambition of the EU CAF Resource centre to spread the word and to follow up the results of the self-assessment exercises, helping the public sector plan and integrate the strategy of continuous appraisal into the DNA of the organisations. The pandemic brings up new challenges to our CAF Resource centre, and the interviewees will help us design our path for the future.

What will the round-table cover?

  • The past, present, and future of the EU CAF Resource Centre hosted by EIPA.
  • The role of the Presidencies in the design and implementation of the CAF tool.
  • The importance of research and analysis of best practices, lessons learned and methods of implementation.
  • The strategy for improvement of the CAF tool and its implementation.

EIPA moderator(s)

Gracia Vara Arribas

Gracia Vara Arribas

EU Law and Public Procurement, EU Governance, Head of the European CAF Resource Centre


Nick Thijs

Senior Advisor, Team Leader Service Delivery and Digital Government, OECD SIGMA

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