Vienna provides space (Wien gibt Raum)



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Organisation name The city of Vienna

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Contact person: Timon Jakli, Programme Marketing Manager/ Press Relations

First prize winner in category Digital in EPSA 2021:

Public space is the flagship of a modern city, where different interests and needs come together. In Vienna, various departments of the public administration are responsible for individual aspects of approval procedures in the public space. Potential users often need to consult several municipal departments for a single project.

The project rethinks the use of public space by citizens and businesses: starting from an innovative customer interface, the underlying procedures up to the feedback to the customers are reorganised in the light of digitisation. With ‘Vienna Provides Space’, the City of Vienna has developed a target-oriented digitisation strategy that makes it easier for citizens to apply for permits and for the responsible departments to operate more efficiently. Here, digitisation acts as a catalyst for legal and procedural simplifications as well as for the development of a new approach to customer communication.

The goal is seamless end-to-end digitisation without media disruptions throughout the whole customer journey. The responsibilities for the management of public space are reorganised and the coordination between stakeholders is improved through a jointly useable, geodata-supported IT system. Furthermore, the legal framework is being modernised.

The basis for many steps of the programme is the digitisation of public space with modern surveying methods. The high-precision geodata enables virtual site inspections, data-based planning, and faster and more efficient proceedings. Based on this data, simplifications for citizens and businesses throughout the whole processes are being implemented until 2022.

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