SISTEMA IRPINIA: Sustainable local development and territorial governance



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Contact person: Monica Cinque

The project presents an integrated network across the institutional actors in the province of Avellino, in southern Italy, to enhance the cultural, historical, archaeological, naturalistic and landscape heritage of this internal and peripheral territory, far from the main tourist cities of the region. Through this project, the province of Avellino aims to strengthen the network of tangible and intangible infrastructures for the socio-economic development and competitiveness of the Irpinia system.

In particular, the project aims at protecting and enhancing the environmental, natural and landscape resources; likewise, the project creates an identity and systemic vision of territorial supply, able to compete on both the national and global markets, visualising ‘Sistema Irpinia’ as an attractive brand. Moreover, the project transitioned from a massive government spending model to targeted public investment and invested to enhance the multimedia use of 18 specific pilot projects.

To achieve that, the project had the goal of involving the municipal administrations in systemic strategic vision to promote heterogeneous interests. As a result, the team assessed the infrastructural needs of the museum system, created the first census of the cultural sites in the province and promoted the project through public intitiatives.

The project operates with a long-term strategy, meaning that the operational team constantly aligns the targets with the relevant requirements.

For the first time, a census of the cultural sites in the province was carried out, breaking a tradition of a general lack of available statistical sources and the lack of a data collection process within the local cultural sector. Currently, the completion rate of this census is 94% of 118 municipalities. A total of 10 380 pieces of data were collected, and 1829 assets were recorded (82 museums, 172 libraries, 780 churches, 118 archaeological sites, 94 castles, 353 historic/monumental buildings, 8 parks, 63 monumental fountains, 24 caves, 18 monuments, 17 theatres/art galleries, 2 cemeteries and more).

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