Optimisation and innovation of the procedure database and SOS mobbing helpline through a user-oriented approach



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Organisation name Republic Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labour Disputes

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Contact person: Miloš Prokić




This project stemmed from an analysis of the agency’s operations. Internal meetings revealed a lack of public awareness regarding work abuse protections and lengthy processing times for class action lawsuits. Users also expressed dissatisfaction with limited filing options and a lack of progress updates. The agency addressed these concerns by conducting surveys, panel discussions and employee meetings. The data gathered highlighted the need for process automation.


The project aimed to create a faster and more efficient dispute resolution system for both employees and employers. The initiative offered free, online case initiation and progress tracking. This digital transformation also aimed to increase agency productivity and improve overall user satisfaction.


The project unfolded in stages. Following a needs assessment, the agency specified software requirements and selected a vendor. An internal team ensured clear communication with the developer throughout the iterative development process. Rigorous testing and prototyping were conducted before final commissioning. The project was funded entirely by the agency. Since the launch, continuous upgrades, driven by employee and external expert collaboration, have enhanced the system’s functionality and service quality. Notably, the project involved stakeholder participation, a rarity in public sector digital transformation initiatives.

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