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Contact person: Wojciech Niemczyk

New technologies and a comprehensive vision of the services that the administration can and should provide to the people, following criteria of efficiency and effectiveness, allow a comprehensive and multichannel citizen assistance in the Province of Albacete. One of these channels is based on an innovative technique of communication and customised assistance, Telepresence. It is an interactive system that combines audio, video and human assistance in real time.

Telepresence is a technology developed by CISCO Systems. It is a simple and high-quality system, much more advanced than videoconference, which avoids unnecessary movements and saves unproductive time. It is a tool used more and more by the business sector. Through a simple connection between two or more points, Telepresence systems allows the establishment of a bidirectional or multidirectional, direct, fluid and flexible as well as secure communication, with surprising levels of quality. It allows seeing and listening to the other person as if they were only a few metres away, with a great quality of audio and video. In addition, not only is verbal and body communication maintained, but at the same time the image of the desktop can be shared with the speaker to monitor the use of the online procedures.

It is a combination of a traditional and a customised service, a necessity for our population, with an easy and intuitive use of new technologies. Unlike other models that are being implemented in other care services such as kiosks or ATMs, with this model, the citizen will be able to interact face to face with customer service advisors, share, sign and print documents and solve multiple administrative tasks as If they were in the physical office, with the advantage of being a centralised system, with no time or transfer costs and with minimum waiting times and greater productivity.

At the same time, customised assistance is guaranteed to the citizen in their localities every day of the week, instead of a few hours a week, as is currently working. Telepresence is a tool capable of maintaining the human and close contact that the citizen requires, creating an environment as real as possible, as if both parties are in the same room.

Thus, the main objectives of the project are:

  • Create a centralised Telepresence Channel to meet the demands of the population related to electronic administration, management of claims, consultations, certificates, procedures, aids, etc.
  • Enable Telepresence offices in the municipalities covered by the programme of Assisted Virtual Office by Telepresence.
  • Create a database that supports the service.
  • Develop a services charter offered by the Assisted Virtual Office.
  • Sign the necessary agreements with other administrations and authorisations to extend both the services charter offered and the access to data and intermediation platforms.
  • Launch a publicity campaign to publicise the new service offered.

This project represents a definitive change in the model of assistance. It is intended to give to the population of the municipalities of the Province of Albacete with fewer than 20 000 inhabitants given from the Consumer Consortium with the development of the new Citizen Care Service.

This Telepresence channel offers infinite possibilities of incorporation of new services associated with the system, e.g. continuous extension of the service charter letter, conferences, remote appearances.

It is part of an ambitious multichannel and comprehensive citizen assistance project.

Once the service is implemented and together with the development of the electronic administration, which is already working, new service channels such as telephone, WhatsApp/Telegram, appointment request services will be added.

The Consumer Provincial Consortium assists around 100 000 inhabitants of the Province of Albacete, distributed in 71 municipalities. Traditionally the consumer information service has been provided face to face, with a weekly periodicity and a frequency of once or twice a week.

Over the years, the population demands have been increasing and the new technologies of information and communication have been offering better systems for the provision of the service.

Within the framework of the Electronic Administration Programme of the Consortium, this new communication system represents an important advance in the quality of the service provided in the province. It offers added value to all the people as citizens and not only in their role of consumer, guaranteeing at the same time the right of people to be assisted in the use of electronic means.

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