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The needs that drove the creation of the ‘Justice Folder’ project related to the dispersion and difficulty of access to information in the field of the administration of justice in Spain. In the past, information related to judicial proceedings was scattered across different systems. This made it difficult for users to access information relevant to their cases, generating a lack of efficiency in the Spanish judicial system and the need for citizens and professional groups to attend court headquarters in person.


The main objective of the Justice Folder project is to make accessible and transparent the information in the field of the administration of justice, positioning citizens at the centre at all times. In addition, this project seeks to improve accessibility to justice and the quality of the management of judicial affairs in the country. In the Justice Folder, users can consult information about different services and procedures related to the administration of justice. They can also maintain communication with the organisations that comprise it, access personal data and previous appointments, and obtain information about procedures and notifications pending reading, as well as the status of judicial files. It offers a personalised service in each contact, regardless of the territory. It allows, in an agile and simple way, without the need to register and through a secure identification system, access to the digital procedures and benefits offered by the Public Justice Service. The query can be carried out in real time and at the user’s request.


This Justice Folder project has been developed in collaboration with all administrations with powers in the administration of justice. It has been developed within the framework of Spain’s Recovery and Resilience Plan, which provides financing for its implementation.

The Justice Folder underwent a pilot testing phase in the third quarter of 2023, during which user feedback was actively sought to refine and optimise the service. Following the successful conclusion of the testing period and necessary improvements, the Justice Folder was officially launched to the public in October 2023. Currently it has more than 60 000 users and allows access to more than 1.8 million judicial procedures open to citizens. It is generating a more accessible, efficient and greener justice system, as the initiatives framed in the project avoid travel and unnecessary energy consumption, reducing CO2 emissions.

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