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Organisation name ACCIÓ – Agency for Business Competitiveness

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Contact person: Rodrigo García


Recognising the burgeoning potential of digital platforms for international trade, the Agency for Business Competitiveness (Agència per a la Competitivitat Empresarial – ACCIÓ) launched the International eTrade Programme. This initiative is a testament to the Catalan government’s commitment to fostering business competitiveness in the digital age. ACCIÓ, a public agency under the Ministry of Business and Labour, collaborates with Internationalisation Support Agents (ISAs) – business associations promoting internationalisation – to deliver the programme.


The International eTrade Programme addresses the underutilisation of online channels by Catalan companies. Only a small fraction of Catalan companies leverages e-commerce for exports. The programme aims to bridge this gap by equipping companies with the knowledge, strategies and financial support necessary to navigate the digital export landscape. This initiative aligns with ACCIÓ’s 10-year goals of increasing job creation and boosting the number of regular exporters. Ultimately, the programme seeks to empower Catalan businesses to capture new market share and enhance their global competitiveness through digital channels.


The International eTrade Programme operates on a public–private partnership model, with ACCIÓ leading the charge alongside ISAs and Amazon. The programme offers a four-pronged approach, catering to companies at various stages of digital readiness. Companies can benefit from free awareness-raising sessions, targeted training programmes in digital marketing and strategy, and individual consultations from ACCIÓ and ISA experts. Financial aid, in the form of eTrade vouchers, is available to support companies in conducting digital audits and implementing their international digital strategies. Furthermore, the programme offers economic assistance for international promotion activities and facilitates company incorporation into international marketplaces.

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