Implementation of OKR methodology in the National Agency on Corruption Prevention



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Organisation name National Agency on Corruption Prevention

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Contact person: Oleksii Podoliev

Special Recognition in category Innovation in Public Administration in EPSA 2023-24


The project is a strategic initiative aimed at the successful implementation of the objectives and key results (OKR) methodology within the National Agency on Corruption Prevention, Ukraine (NACP). This project is rooted in the need to enhance the Agency’s effectiveness in combating corruption, to improve transparency and bolster accountability. The organisation recognised that traditional goal-setting methods lacked the clarity and measurability required to achieve these objectives effectively. The rationale behind this project is to address these systemic issues and align the Agency’s efforts with measurable results. The OKR methodology was chosen to provide a dynamic and results-oriented approach to goal setting, making the achievement of anti-corruption goals more transparent and accountable.


The application of the OKR methodology in the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP) of Ukraine aims to respond to context-specific needs and constraints. First, addressing corruption needs by providing a results-oriented approach to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the NACP’s efforts to combat corruption. Second, to address the need for openness and accountability in the public sector, which is a basic requirement for good governance. Third, to provide flexibility and adaptability to the NACP to respond to changing circumstances. Fourth, to ensure that the needs and experiences of the stakeholders are taken into account when setting objectives and measuring results. And finally, the OKR methodology helps NACP to streamline its operations, allocate resources more efficiently and foster innovation.


The NACP has successfully implemented a State Anti-Corruption Strategy, demonstrating the effectiveness of the OKR methodology. The OKR methodology is deeply ingrained in NACP’s operations, with annual and quarterly plans undergoing independent audits. This ensures regular performance assessment and necessary adjustments. NACP utilises both quantitative and qualitative methods to evaluate the impact of its activities. Metrics such as the number of corruption cases investigated, convictions, policy impact, transparency ratings, public awareness, stakeholder engagement and ethics training offer a comprehensive performance overview. The Agency also invests in continuous training and capacity building to familiarise its employees with the OKR methodology. This approach was inspired by successful private sector companies such as Google and Intel, which have used the OKR methodology to foster innovation and achieve remarkable results.

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