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Organisation name Executive Office & Executive Group for Organisation and Security of the City of Vienna

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Contact person: Sandra Heissenberger


Our lives are shifting more and more to the Internet. It is hard to imagine everyday life without a laptop, smartphone or tablet. Not only are everyday activities shifting to the Internet, but also dangers and crimes. The crime statistics for 2021 show a 30% increase in Austria in criminal acts in the field of cybercrime compared to the previous year. Most of the cases involved fraud with major financial damage, which can affect private individuals as well as companies. However, psychological violence can also be liable to prosecution. Phishing emails and fraudulent websites are now so professionally designed that even experienced media users have difficulty recognising them as traps. This makes it correspondingly difficult for people with less digital skills. At the same time, there is often a lack of knowledge about how victims of cybercrime should behave and where they can get help.


The main objective of the City of Vienna’s Cybercrime Helpline is to provide free, fast and unbureaucratic support to those affected by cybercrime. Those affected feel heard and their problems are taken seriously. They receive initial, easy-to-understand instructions for action and are referred to the relevant organisation for further advice. Through the helpline, the City of Vienna also promotes risk awareness and digital literacy among its residents by providing initial instructions on how to act in the area of cybersecurity through the application and during the initial interviews.


The Cybercrime Helpline was initiated by Jörg Neumayer, Member of the Vienna State Parliament and City Council, and digitisation spokesman for the Vienna SPÖ. To ensure quality assistance, the city collaborates with expert organisations and specialised counselling centres, gathering knowledge about current cybercrime trends. Investing approximately €12 000 and taking 1.5 years to establish, the helpline’s employees interact with customers daily. They receive ongoing training in clear communication, conflict management and handling difficult situations.

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