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Organisation name Chamber of Commerce of Cosenza

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Contact person: Erminia Giorno


The Chamber of Commerce of Cosenza (CCC) faced a challenging situation. The Calabria region in Italy, where it operates, suffered from a declining population, high unemployment and limited funds for the chamber system. In response, the CCC, led by President Klaus Algieri and Secretary General Erminia Giorno, embarked on a two-phase project to revitalise the institution and the territory it served. This project was driven by a new vision focused on professionalism, efficiency, innovation, dialogue, transparency, digitalisation and sharing.


The project had two main objectives. The first phase, named #OpenCameraCosenza (2014–2019), aimed to open the CCC to stakeholders. This involved listening to businesses, redesigning the organisation to be more responsive, communicating effectively and reporting on its work transparently. The second phase, #ModelloCameraCosenza (ongoing), focused on establishing the CCC as a model for good practices. This involved consolidating and sharing successful approaches, promoting a new culture of public administration and acting as an ambassador for the Cosenza territory.


The CCC implemented its project through various initiatives. To listen to businesses, they created consultation networks and established business committees. The organisation was restructured to put businesses at the centre, with streamlined workflows and a focus on collaboration. Communication was modernised through social media, website updates and targeted campaigns. Transparency was enhanced through annual social and environmental reports.

Sharing best practices involved participating in local, national and international initiatives. The CCC also fostered dialogue within the Cosenza region by hosting events such as the Internet Governance Forum and the Forum ‘Antonio Serra’. They further shared their knowledge by offering training to local administrations. Finally, the CCC aimed to change the narrative about Calabria by promoting successful businesses and positive aspects of the territory.

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