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Contact person: Nicolaie Moldovan

Alba Iulia Smart City 2018 is a pilot project meant to transform Alba Iulia Municipality into the first city in Romania using smart city solutions. The project was initiated on the 100th anniversary of the unification of Romania, which took place here in 1918. The pilot project has been implemented by the Municipality of Alba Iulia in partnership with the Ministry of Communications and Information Society. This project is unique in Romania as it is the first smart project developed between the national government, a local public authority and private companies. It is unique because all smart city solutions proposed by companies are or will be implemented with the costs borne by the private companies involved and will ensure the interoperability with other smart city solution providers in the future.

The project is based on the development of partnerships with associations, companies, clusters, research institutes, universities and volunteers who jointly contribute to the construction of the city where the future was born.

Siemens and the City Hall of Alba Iulia have agreed to include Alba Iulia in the global research project ‘Smart Cities Research’. Through this study, Siemens specialists have analysed urban development models for a range of areas where intelligent technologies can be deployed in line with each city’s strategy, plans and ambitions. Besides Alba Iulia, the following cities are included in the Siemens study: Aberdeen (UK), Brussels (Belgium), Istanbul (Turkey) and London (UK).

The Smart Cities Research study will provide a detailed analysis of the financial models and benefits gained on multiple intelligent infrastructure axes, according to the priorities of each city. The infrastructure axes analysed in this study are energy, buildings, traffic management, public transport and public safety.

Even if the project consolidates around the Smart City 2018 initiative, the aim of the public administration in Alba Iulia is to continue the project after 2018. The city will become a reference for companies to test, implement and expose smart solutions that might interest other cities in Romania and the EU, regarding the products and services provided by these companies at Alba Iulia.

After the completion of the project, the implemented solutions and technologies will remain in the city and the municipality will have the opportunity to further develop them.

Alba Iulia will also continue to attract other European funding for further developing the smart city concept from 2018 onwards. It will identify other potential consortiums and innovative financial mechanisms for implementing smart city solutions and technologies, to become a pioneer in this field and a good practice example among other cities.

Alba Iulia has so far attracted EU funds of over €200 million and obtained co-financing through smart bank loans and bonds, which did not overburden the city. This was the first Romanian city to use such a mechanism. Alba Iulia is the first city in Romania to get a rating from Moody’s, being audited each year by the company and was prepared for the 2014–2020 programme to access EU funds. The value of new projects amounts to over €100 million.

Alba Iulia had a collaboration with World Bank experts on different case studies and was designated as the city with the highest attraction of EU funds per capita in Romania. The World Bank analysed Alba Iulia’s capacity to ensure the financial and functional support of these projects. Studies have also concluded that the city must develop towards a smart city and with a strong perspective towards advanced technologies.

The project offers the public administration of Alba Iulia an effective way to analyse the best and most cost-effective solutions that meet the real and concrete needs of the community.

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