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Organisation name ASFINAG represented by ASFINAG Bau Management GmbH

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Contact person: Matthias Schmotz



The Austrian federal company ASFINAG, which is responsible for highway maintenance and is funded by toll revenues, identified the need to expand the Roggendorf rest area on the A1 West Autobahn. A 2015 survey indicated that the existing facilities were overloaded, especially for truck parking. This pilot project, titled “Rest Area of the Future” Roggendorf, aims to address this issue while incorporating innovative and sustainable practices for future rest areas.


The primary objective is to expand and renovate the Roggendorf rest area to improve conditions for truck drivers. This includes creating 33 additional truck parking spaces, ensuring compliance with legal resting period requirements. Additionally, the project seeks to enhance the overall user experience for all travellers by providing a wider range of amenities.


ASFINAG plans to fund the project using the revenue generated from tolls, eliminating the need for government subsidies. Sustainability will be a major theme throughout the project. Recognizing the rise of electric vehicles, charging stations will be installed alongside a dedicated transformer station to ensure sufficient power. Photovoltaic modules and power storage systems will be integrated to promote renewable energy use. The rest area will also boast eco-friendly features like rainwater harvesting systems (inspired by the “sponge city” concept), green roofs, and designated waste disposal stations.

For user comfort, a food court, drinking fountains, camper van facilities, a children’s playground, a dog exercise area, green spaces, fitness equipment, information screens, and free Wi-Fi will be incorporated. Accessibility will also be a priority, with modern sanitary facilities and a barrier-free design implemented throughout the rest area.

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