EPSA Projects


City of Breda

Robby the rat

The city of Breda, a medium-sized city in the Netherlands, established a programme to become a climate-proof city. Keywords in this programme are liveability, awareness and robustness. The main objective…
The Netherlands
Education & vocational trainingEnergy and climateGreenResearch, innovation and digital economy
Office of Geodesy and Cartography


Geoportal – www.geoportal.gov.pl – is a central node of the Polish Spatial Data Infrastructure with access to spatial data and related services. The project started development in 2005, but during…
Central & local administrationCrisis managementDigitalisatione-GovernmentEducation & vocational trainingEnergy and climateJudicial reformNatural resourcesResearch, innovation and digital economy
Ministry for Energy, Enterprise & Sustainable Development

Transition to remote working

The Ministry for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development has launched a pilot project for remote working for all its employees. Remote working is a working style that allows employees to…
Central & local administrationDigitalisationEnergy and climateGovernanceInnovative
Republic of Slovenia Ministry of Defence

RESHUB Network in the EU

The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia (SI MOD) proposed a project idea titled ‘Defence Resilience Hub Network in Europe – RESHUB’ within the Consultation Forum for Sustainable…
Crisis managementEnergy and climateGovernanceGreenInvestment and PPPsNatural resourcesTransport, tourism, agriculture
City of Athens

Adopt-A-Tree in Athens

Adopt-A-Tree is an innovative project of the city of Athens that enables citizens to search for a street tree in their neighbourhood through the free Novoville app, ‘adopt’ it digitally,…
Central & local administrationDigitalisatione-GovernmentEnergy and climateNatural resourcesResearch, innovation and digital economy
Region of Crete

Agile project innovation for multilevel governance of public works

L7 aims at improving the multilevel governance of the Region of Crete, Greece, by strengthening the project management for the entire life cycle of the projects. More specifically, the project…
Budget preparation and executionCentral & local administrationDigitalisatione-GovernmentEnergy and climateGovernanceInnovative
Municipality of Palaio Faliro

Development of infrastructures capable of monitoring, recording and analysing power and other resource consumption data

The project develops a centralised internet of things (IoT) management platform with the ability to control, record and analyse power consumption data and other resources in buildings and other infrastructure…
Budget preparation and executionCentral & local administrationCrisis managementEnergy and climateFinancial literacyFinancial sector supervisionGreenResearch, innovation and digital economySpending reviews, public accounting
Institution for Care & Excellence of the Hellenic Police

Reciprocal recycling

The project promotes the recycling of plastic and metallic packaging with reciprocal benefits. It has been designed under the initiative of the Political and Physical Leadership of the Hellenic Police…
Budget preparation and executionEducation & vocational trainingEnergy and climateGovernanceGreenHealthcare and long-term careWelfare system
KIFÜ – Governmental Agency for IT Development

Development of data infrastructure and services for the Earth Observation Information System (EOIS)

Timely, reliable and relevant information about the environment is necessary in several areas of the public administration. Data collected at regular intervals covering a large area at one time support…
Central & local administrationCrisis managementDigitalisatione-GovernmentEnergy and climateGovernanceLicensing, inspectionsNatural resourcesResearch, innovation and digital economyTransport, tourism, agriculture