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Connected eGovernment (CONvErGE)

Connected eGovernment (CONvErGE) is one of the largest digital investments ever implemented in the Malta Public Service. In 2014, the Government of Malta set out Malta’s vision for a digitally…
Better regulationCentral & local administrationCrisis managementDigitalisationGovernance

Europe-wide area office

The project aims at promoting the European culture, understood as feeling part of the European Community, within the Italian local authorities (municipalities and provinces). The Italian authorities are not fully…
Better regulationCentral & local administrationGovernanceManagement of human resources
Municipality of Palaio Faliro

Supply of road safety equipment to improve the safety of the road network

The project aimed at improving the safety conditions of the municipality of Palaio Faliro (Greece), by reducing the number of accidents at the intersections of roads. To do so, the…
Better regulationBudget preparation and executionCapital market developmentCentral & local administrationCrisis managementDigitalisationResearch, innovation and digital economyTransport, tourism, agriculture
Department of Internal Affairs in co-operation with ICTU

City Deal Zicht op Ondermijning

The City Deal Zicht op Ondermijning (View of Undermining) started in mid-2017 with several central and local governments in the Netherlands. Twenty different governments signed an agreement with the focus…
The Netherlands
Anti-corruption & anti-fraud strategiesAnti-money laundering strategiesBetter regulationCentral & local administrationDigitalisationFinancial sector supervisionGovernanceTax complianceTax evasion and fraud
Ministry of State – Central Legislation Service


Nowadays, legislation is not researched and read exclusively by lawyers. The non-legal public may also need to look for a legislative act in force in its consolidated version, without having…
Better regulationCentral & local administrationDigitalisatione-GovernmentGovernance
The city of Vienna

Vienna provides space (Wien gibt Raum)

First prize winner in category Digital in EPSA 2021: Public space is the flagship of a modern city, where different interests and needs come together. In Vienna, various departments of…
Better regulationCentral & local administrationDigitalisatione-GovernmentGovernanceResearch, innovation and digital economy
The State Chancellery

The Innovation Laboratory

The State Chancellery of Latvia, with the support of the European Commission Structural Reform Support Service, has launched the Innovation Laboratory project. This initiative stems from the need to raise…
Better regulationCentral & local administrationGovernanceInnovativeManagement of human resources
City of Ljubljana

Chivalry in Ljubljana: Assisting Citizens and Improving Their Quality of Life

The Chivalry Programme of the city of Ljubljana stems from the previous Kavalir Service, active in 2009, and aims to upgrade the assistance to citizens in the context of Covid-19…
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