Digital Public Administration

Digital solutions in all areas of public administration

The Digital Public Administration award category welcomes projects which are based on digital solutions in all areas of public administration. The focus of the projects may be on enabling more effective policy-making, strategic and operational planning, transformation of service delivery (both quality and quantity), as well as enhance access to services, facilitate innovation by third, reshape infrastructure design, facilitate effective financial and operational management etc.

At the same time this category covers also projects, which facilitate changing working patterns arising from the COVID 19 pandemic, enable better access to information by citizens and communication/engagement with stakeholders, facilitate integration of data from different sources, enhance effectiveness of data analysis and interpretation (including predictive capacity), generate automatic or easy to access service entitlements for citizens and underpin the quality of information necessary to sustain democracy and embed cyber security against current, emerging and potential future threats.

Digital solutions could be based on new technologies using, for example, artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, data and text mining and remote surveillance of infrastructure.

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