EPSA 2009

EPSA 2009

The second EPSA edition was launched in Paris on 20 October 2008 during the 5th Quality Conference organised by the French Presidency for public administrations in the EU. This second edition was organised and managed by the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) with the political and financial support of 15 European countries and the European Commission as well as the City of Maastricht and the Province of Limburg, plus a number of private sponsors.

EPSA 2009 and B.J. Leyendeckers

The EPSA 2009 invited public administrations across Europe to submit their leading-edge projects under four different themes:

  • Performance Improvement in Public Service Delivery
  • Citizen Involvement
  • New Forms of Partnership Working
  • Leadership and Management for Change

Over 300 applications were received from 28 European countries and European institutions. 4 trophies were handed over to the winners of each category as well as 40 best practice certificates, and 2 projects received an honourable mention.

The EPSA 2009 award winners were:

THEME I: e-Bourgogne (France),Regional Platform for e-Services for All. This is a time- and money-saving online system that facilitates enterprises accessing public markets. This innovative project which has shown to save time and money for business society won the first prize in the theme for Performance Improvement in Public Service Delivery.

THEME II: The Cologne Participatory Budget (Germany)received the first prize in the theme of Citizen Involvement. This project created the opportunity for citizens to participate in designing the municipal budget, focusing on three areas – playgrounds, streets and sports – by setting up an e-Platform. Through using this new method, a new culture of participation was created based on transparency and the ability to actively involve huge and different target groups in the region.

THEME III:The winner in the third theme of New Forms of Partnership Working, is the Oldham Local Strategic Partnership (United Kingdom). This project aims to build a partnership between statutory bodies, third sector agencies and the private sector with the long-term objective of reviving the declining local economy, raising the level of local aspirations and addressing underlying ethnic tensions, which goes well beyond their statutory obligation to cooperate.

THEME IV: In the fourth theme, Leadership and Management for Change, the winner is the Management in the San Cugat City Hall project (Spain). The traditional expenses culture of this municipality was changed into a cost culture by introducing contracts between politicians and top public managers (PACTE). This project led to both the politicians and public managers thinking in the same direction and having the same values, therefore making better policies.

In addition, two projects received honourable mention, namely theGdynia Civic Sector project from Poland (THEME II) and thePresent in School, Absent in Jailproject from Romania (THEME III).

Based on EPSA’s four-step evaluation methodology, these winning projects were identified among the 20 award nominees. You will find the list of the 20 award nominees and 40 additional best practice certificate recipients by clicking here.


EPSA 2009 Research Report


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