EPSA 2007

EPSA 2007

2007 marked the establishment of EPSA as a brand name within European public administrations. The 1st European Public Sector Award was launched on 14 March 2007 in Berlin and was organised by the Bertelsmann Foundation together with the European Group of Public Administration (EGPA) and the University of Administrative Sciences in Speyer (in cooperation with Germany, Austria and Switzerland). The aim was to motivate administrative agencies throughout Europe to learn from the best practices of others and to fundamentally modernize their methods and structures.

The 1st EPSA focused on three thematic areas:

  1. Collaborative Governance
  1. Targeting with Scarce Resources
  1. Coping with Demographic Change

More than 300 public administration bodies from 25 European countries applied for this award. Six awards were handed over.

The Awards Ceremony took place on 12/13 November 2007 in Luzern, Switzerland.

Brief Flashback to EPSA 2007

The first edition of the European Public Sector Award received

  • 320 applications from 25 European countries- 25.0% national level
    – 25.2% regional level
    – 17.7% local government upper tier
    – 31.6% local government lower tier
  • Six prizes and 59 diplomas were awarded

The high-level award ceremony took place in Lucerne, Switzerland on 12-13 November 2007, with more than 300 European participants and high-level speakers.