Strengthening Public Administration in the Western Balkans: EIPA and ReSPA’s Memorandum of Understanding


Today, EIPA and the Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Signatories were Marco Ongaro, Director-General of EIPA, and Maja Handjiska Trendafilova, Director of ReSPA on behalf of their respective organisations.

As Maja Handjiska Trendafilova, Director of ReSPA stated:

Today’s signing of a Memorandum of Understanding marks a crucial milestone in formalising our exceptional collaboration. It underscores our commitment to fostering knowledge development and expertise sharing among public administrations in the Western Balkans and their EU counterparts, which is an objective also underlined in the EU’s ComPAct initiative.

In a move towards enhancing public administration capabilities in the Western Balkans region, EIPA and ReSPA have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to cooperate in fields of mutual interest to the parties.

This collaboration aims to bolster knowledge exchange, capacity-building initiatives, and policy development, ultimately supporting the region’s journey towards EU accession.

A Long-Standing Partnership:
EIPA, with its extensive experience dating back to 1981, has been at the forefront of providing high-quality services to public officials dealing with EU affairs. Complementing this expertise, ReSPA, established in 2010, has been instrumental in supporting administrations across the Western Balkans to foster transparent, accountable, and professional institutions.

Our partnership with EIPA has been longstanding, invaluable, and meticulously cultivated since the inception of ReSPA. From the outset, the ReSPA team received tremendous support from our colleagues at EIPA, laying a solid foundation for our collaboration. Over the years, this partnership has flourished, with EIPA becoming a natural ally.

Commented Maja Handjiska Trendafilova, Director of ReSPA.

Areas of Collaboration:
The MoU outlines a comprehensive framework for cooperation between EIPA and ReSPA, encompassing various domains crucial for effective public administration. These include EU accession processes, policy development, quality management, knowledge sharing, human resource development, and digitalisation. Both organisations are set to embark on a series of initiatives aimed at capacity-building and knowledge dissemination, including the development of seasonal schools, study visits, public sector awards, executive training programs, mentorship initiatives, and collaborative research and publications. As Marco Ongaro, Director-General of EIPA says:

Today we take a step towards further deepening our long-standing partnership, characterised by the exchange of our best knowledge and expertise. We are committed to sharing EIPA’s topical knowledge, to enhance the quality and efficiency of the EU accession process. This longstanding cooperation underscores the significance of bolstering the public sector in the Western Balkans.

EIPA is looking forward to deepening our cooperation with ReSPA and making a positive impact on Public Administration in the Western Balkans.

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