Negotiation Techniques and Women’s Empowerment


On 14 to 17 September, the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) and the Slovenian Centre for European Perspective (CEP) co-hosted a virtual workshop for women representing Venezuelan democratic forces, focusing on negotiation techniques and women’s empowerment.

Main Principles and Tools of the Training

The training session aimed to develop an understanding of the main principles and tools in conflict resolution, negotiations, mediation and conclusion of agreements, as well as recognising how gender affects such processes. Concrete strategies, techniques and tools to ensure meaningful participation of women in negotiations were the key component of this tailor-made training provided by Claudia de Castro Caldeirinha from Redscope Consulting and EIPA’s experts Isane Aparicio and Sabina Lange, with contributions from Andres Fink from the Faculty of Law and Business Studies, Catholic Institute, Ljubljana.

Sharing Experience and Learning From Each Other

The workshop was opened by Bogdan Batic, deputy Director-General from the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who was joined by the representative of the US State Department Johanna Diaz. The practical part of the workshop invited participants to act out scenarios in groups and share their experiences, observations and objectives. Learning from each other and from the trainers’ observations on how to best prepare strategies, and which tools to use in different situations, is a huge help for the attendees in boosting their professional development and achieving professional objectives.

Empowering Women

The workshop is part of a series of training sessions dedicated to increasing women’s participation in negotiations as an essential element in democratic transition, transparency and dialogue.

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